Most pest control companies go for a quick fix, while leaving your home vulnerable to future infestations. Hungry Termite sees the big picture and works to make sure termites won’t be bothering you now or in the future.
Pests are generally drawn to heat, shelter and things to eat. By understanding where problems are now, and identifying potential entry points for pests in the future, we think two moves ahead and cut pests off at the source.
Whether you have a current infestation, or you want a long-term pest control solution for your property, Hungry Termite is here to help our neighbors.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced professional technicians
  • Residential and commercial services

Local Treatment

We cut the army off at the source with localized treatments for fast, effective results.

Wood Repair

Termites can cause MASSIVE devastation to wood, which is the backbone of the livable areas. Hungry Termite has perfected the art of renovating wood devastated by termites.


Attack from all sides, with nowhere left to hide. Fumigation envelopes the building or large portion of a building to safely purify an area of termites.


Once your home is termite free, we will also help you guard it against future termite invaders.